Mark Davis
Mr. Mark S. Davis
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army - Director, Army Marketing Research Group
SGM Daniels
SGM Donnel Daniels
Senior Enlisted Advisor, Army Marketing Research Group


Conduct national marketing, market analysis, and accessions analytics to develop best-value strategies and tactics that inform the American people and motivate the most qualified candidates to consider Army service. Directly supports Regular Army and Army Reserve recruiting activities for officer, enlisted, and civilians.

Key Responsibilities

  • Principal Advisor to the Secretary & Chief of Staff of the Army on Branding and Marketing
  • Develop and execute the Annual Marketing Plan; set standards and objectives for Army marketing efforts
  • Maintain the Army Brand Trademark and Licensing
  • Maintain / enhance the Army's brand and Messaging to increase public recognition and acceptance
  • Supervise the development and execution of programs to increase service desirability among the general population for all components of the Army
  • Develop performance metrics to determine return on investment of marketing efforts
  • Identify, stratify, and access Enterprise target audiences and External Environment Factors and Marketing Inputs
  • Conduct continual analysis of the strategic environment to ensure branding and marketing efforts support the Army's current and future requirements
  • Monitor demographic trends and information and alert the M&RA to issues of potential concern and areas of possible exploitation that will enable M&RA to develop plans and policies that ensure future Army success.

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