Provide Policy, Oversight, and Supervision for Development and Employment of the Army's Total Force Structure (Military, Civilians, and Contractors) and lead integrator of all ASA (M&RA)'s Program Objective Memorandum (POM) Resources.

Key Responsibilities

  • Supervise, influence and implement policy and programs from a Total Workforce management perspective (Military, Civilians and Contractors)
  • Total Army Analysis / Force Structure
  • Manpower Management
  • Oversight of U.S. Army Manpower Analysis Agency
  • Integrate all ASA (M&RA)'s POM Resources (~$464B across the POM)

Military Force Management Functions

  • Provide advice and recommendations to Army leadership on military force structure policy matters
  • Supervise military force structure management and development to ensure the proper balance between Active and Reserve Component forces
  • Integrate external communications regarding Army military force structure with OSD and Congress
  • Shape, supervise and lead change in force structure management

Military Force Management Actions

  • Quadrennial Defense Review
  • Total Army Analysis (TAA)
  • Force Management Reviews (FMR)
  • Reserve Component Rebalance
  • Army Campaign Plan Objectives
  • Equipment balance across Army Components

Manpower Management/Policy Functions

  • Provide advice and recommendations to Army leadership on manpower management and workforce mix policies
  • Adjudicate inherently governmental determinations
  • Integrate external communications regarding Army manpower policies with OSD, OMB and Congress

Manpower Management/Policy Actions

  • In-sourcing
  • Efficiency Initiatives
  • Adjudication of inherently governmental functions/workload
  • HQDA Personnel Limitations
  • Military-Civilian Conversions&
  • Generating Force Total Army Analysis
  • Manpower Reports to Congress
  • Weapon Systems Manpower Approval

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